What to Know about Roof Repair and What Can Roofing Contractors do?

In Australia, roof restoration is a home maintenance task that most people are reluctant to try on their own due to its obvious dangers. In most cases regarding such an important task, it’s best to let professionals enter the scene and get the job done. The very first thing to consider is determining if roof repair is necessary.

If your roof is not too old, it could be that wind damage or improper design hascaused any problems. Winds do not necessarily need to reach hurricane strength, to damage roofs, and a strong wind can have gusts that can reach over 50 mph, which is enough to lift portions of the roofing, loosening fasteners and loosening the adhesive from the structure.

Improper Design Problems

Any problems which are associated with improper design will have to be taken care of by Perth roof restoration experts. The usual problems with design are things like support structures that are too weak to uphold the weight of the roof properly, a roof without an adequate enough slope, not enough drains, which allows water to pool on the roof, and not enough attention taken for expansion and contraction in the decking structure. (Which will eventually over time lead to separation of roofing materials).

If you have an older roof, the roof repair may be simply the result of normal weathering. A particular amount of maintenance is always necessary to maintain and keep a roof in good condition. If this maintenance is not given, the roofing materials may weaken, allowing moisture and dirt into your home. If you happen to live in an area that receives hailstormsor has exposure to salt, your roofing materials will deteriorate more rapidly.

Enter the Professionals

It doesn’t really matter what caused the problems that has led to the need for roof repair, the same process follows. Roofing contractors must first, remove the damaged area to inspecthow extensive the damage is beneath. The roof deck, or support, will usually be covered with roofing felt and should the damage be severe enough that you have moisture inside of your home, the felt will need to be removed along with the decking structure.

If they cannot find any damaged area, but you still have moisture inside your home, they will check for an area of flashing. Flashing is a waterproof strip of metal used to seal the junction of a roof with another surface, and located around areas in the roof that change elevation or where windows or dormers protrude. This is a typical weak spot in roofs and even if the flashing is properly fitted, water can leak behind the flashing and enter the home.

Sooner than Later

If the roofing problem is something that needs to be tackled by professionals and experts in their trade, you really should consider getting the repair or restoration work done as soon as possible to avoid causing any further damage inside the building.

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