Home Renovation

Surviving a Home Renovation

If you’re getting ready to begin a home renovation you might not be sure about what needs to be done to get ready for the process. While a minor remodeling of a bedroom or adding on a deck may not be much of an inconvenience, if you’re planning a major project such as gutting the kitchen you may not be prepared for all that will entail. Here’s a look at what you might face during a major remodel, and some tips on surviving the renovation of your home!

Plan ahead. If you’re going to redo your entire kitchen you’ll have to do without your major appliances, so look for alternatives. If you have a basement or unused room you can temporarily set up as a kitchen then you can buy a hotplate and paper plates for a few weeks survival; if you’re going to gut your only bathroom you might consider staying at a hotel for a few days.

Seal it off. Remodeling is dirty and dusty, so seal off the rooms involved. Heavy plastic sheeting can be taped or stapled over doorways to contain the mess to one area; it’s also a good idea to lay carpet runners down to stop the workers from tracking debris.

Keep it clean. Make sure there isn’t any construction debris laying around that can cause an accident or fall. If you’re doing the work yourself you should clean up and sweep every few hours; if you’ve contracted the work out the job foreman should be doing the same. If he doesn’t keep it clean don’t be afraid to insist.

Watch the kids. This may seem like common sense, but kids are curious creatures. A quick turn of an exposed water valve can mean disaster, so make sure the work zone is off limits to the little ones.

Don’t be surprised if your renovation goes over budget or over schedule, because the hardest part of remodeling is expecting the unexpected!

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